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Days of Our Lives at Albany's Internet Mall

Fans of the NBC Daytime Soap Opera will enjoy Albany's Internet Mall Entertainment's feature of Days of our Lives. The feature includes books by Ken Corday and Greg Meng, celebration videos, behind-the-scenes videos, works by present and former cast members, previews, promos and more! Days of our Lives materials can be purchased at our Soap Opera Store!

Days of Our Lives 45th Year

November 8, 2011

Days of Our Lives, NBC's only daytime drama is in its 45th year of broadcasting. This iconic daytime soap opera was created by Ted Corday, a pioneer in the daytime drama genre and became a huge success under the leadership of his widow, Betty Corday, the show's glass ceiling shattering female executive producer. Learn the history of the show as well as behind the scenes secrets from executiv producer, Ken Corday, son of Ted and Betty Corday. Ken's book, The Days of our Lives: The True Story of One Family's Dream and the Untold History of Days of our Lives, is a must read for students of the daytime drama genre as well as long-time Days fans. Get a behind the scenes photo tour of the Days set through Days of our Lives 45 Years: A Celebration in Photos by Greg Meng and Eddie Campbell.

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Fixing Days Reset 2.0

April 11, 2011

It is not necessary to lay off actors to fix Days of Our Lives Reset 2.0. Change the story. Rather than dismiss head writers, Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr., give them a chance to fix what is wrong. These two head writers who authored Days Reset 2.0 can perform surgery on stories, cutting what is bad, reparing and keeping what is good. Whatever happened to the Mad World-Countess W rivalry? Which company won with the customers? The writers need to finish this story. Since Ms. McPherson and Mr. Thomas wrote these stories, they can attend to details when fixing Days Reset 2.0 stories. If NBC has interfered with the writers, NBC should back off, let the writers fix the show without interference and be patient concerning the ratings. Bringing in new writers to cut out characters and/or stories will further frustrate viewers and retard ratings recovery.

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Marlena's 1st Child

Marlena's first child was a boy, Don, Jr, born to Marlena and Don Craig. Marlena was married to Don Craig before she was married to Roman Brady. Don, Jr. died from SIDS. Marlena and Don's marriage did not survive the loss of Don, Jr.

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Horton Cousin with Split Personalities

Updated October 9, 2014

Jessica Blake is Hope and Jennifer's 1st cousin. Jessica's parents are Marie Horton (youngest child of Tom and Alice Horton) and Alex Marshall. Marie put Jessica up for adoption after she was born. Once Jessica learned of her parents, her personality split three ways: Jessica, Angelique and Sister Angelique. Eventually Jessica recovered. Jessica is the mother of the late Nick Fallon.

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Hope Williams Brady Family Trivia

Hope Williams Brady was born in 1974 to Addie Horton Olsen Williams and Doug Williams. Addie had two other childern by her first husband, Ben Olsen: Julie and Steven. Julie has a son named David Banning who was born in 1968. That means Hope has a nephew who is 6 years older than she is. Davis Banning has a son Scotty (aka Timmy) who is older than Hope's son Shawn. Doug Williams had a son by artificial insemination. That son's name is Charles (aka Little Dougie). Therefore in addition to sister, Julie, Hope has two brothers: Steven (older) and Charles (younger).

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